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Aki Min

PhD Candidate in Neurobiology at Duke University

My interest is in both basic and preclinical disease research. As an undergraduate researcher at UNC Chapel Hill, I characterized the lifespan of carbon-fiber microelectrodes chronically implanted in the rat brain. Subsequently I studied hippocampal interneurons and memory function as a fellow at the NIEHS during my senior year. I graduated with degrees in Biology and Physics with a minor in Neuroscience, my goal being to marry my interests in neurobiology and tool development to a topic with immediate relevance to human health.


I found just that in the Tadross lab, where I will work on two projects involving DART: one seeking to identify the neural substrates underlying a new, rapid and remarkably efficacious class of antidepressant; the other to revisit our circuit understanding of the most widely prescribed anxiolytic.


In my free time I love to kayak and fish, and to eat.


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