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Brenda Shields

Research Associate in Biomedical Engineering at Duke University

I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biology from Villanova University, completing a master’s thesis studying the mitochondrial protein avUCP and its role in avian thermogenesis. I then joined HHMI - Janelia Research Campus in 2007 as a histologist. There, I amassed expert skills in a diverse number of scientific techniques, with strengths in primary cell culture, histology, IHC/ISH and imaging, which l applied to projects involved with mapping neuronal networks in the brain and developing molecular tools for imaging, including GCamp6.


I began working with Michael Tadross from his earliest beginnings at Janelia, launching a productive collaboration that led to the development of DART and a friendship that I continue to enjoy here at Duke. I have an immense appreciation for his impressive breadth of knowledge and his remarkable and thoughtful approach to teaching and science.

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