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'Zack' Isaac Weaver

PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engineering at Duke University

I attended Brandeis University for my undergraduate studies while conducting research at MIT and MIT Lincoln Laboratory. There, my primary research was in electronic feedback control of synthetic genetic circuits in cells and medically implantable flexible abiotic glucose fuel cells to power medical implants. I also worked extensively with micro- and nano-scale devices, including microfluidic chips and automating experiments and model organelle systems in-vitro.


I am very excited to join Professor Tadross’ lab as a Biomedical Engineering PhD student. My primary research interests are targeted drug delivery to the brain combined with in-vivo neural recording and brain machine interface. My background in fabrication combined with the neural focus of the Tadross lab promises a unique perspective at the intersection of conceptually synergistic fields.  


When I am not in the lab, I enjoy being outdoors: hiking, camping, SCUBA diving, and skiing. 


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